Eight trips to choose from in 2019

All adventures are One time all Inclusive, 2 day/2 night trips. Thats food, Local transportation and camping all covered by me. Once a destination is booked it’s gone for the rest of the year.

Oahu, Hawaii

White sands NP
New Mexico

Lake Como, Italy

Central Florida

Great sand dunes


Yosemite NP




North Carolina

Denver & Great Sand Dunes National park

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The only view in the world thats actually brought me to tears.

Even amongst dunes, Great Sands stands out. Its got a magic that makes you feel on top of the world and dwarfed by its majesty at the same time.

Sitting at 14,000ft, they’re the tallest in North America. And with each dune towering 700 feet, lighting storms and high winds you’re in for a fight. But I promise it’l be worth it.

We’ll spend our time exploring this gem and the western Colorado mountains on a mini road trip from denver.

Also, since these are dunes, expect it to hit 100 degrees in mid summer. I reccomend September - October for best conditions and fewer crowds.

Oahu, Hawaii

3 days 3 nights


My journey into photography began with a sunset on O’ahu, and to this day, the skies on the island are the best i've ever seen.

But you shouldn’t take O'ahu as another pretty face. It’s something far more powerful.

It't not just the sapphire blue water, or the sun rewarding you for moments spent beneath it, or even the constant breeze carrying the scent of plumerias across the sky.

The truth is, it's the people. Their immediate sense of community. And the unwavering sense of home you’ll feel the moment you touch down.

You could come here lost and adrift. Spend some time and be able to leave knowing least theres one place on earth where you truly belong.

Moab & Central Utah


As I child, I assumed each state was supposed to have a unique natural theme. This is how I could tell them apart.

Arizona had it's red rocks, Washington had it's jagged peaks, California with its geothermal hot springs, And Montana the big sweeping lakes.

So you can imagine my shock when my family moved to Utah and literally all of that stuff was in the same state and only a few minutes apart..

If you had to cheery pick all the coolest stuff from around the world and plop it into one place, You'll get Utah.

We'll explore a route that takes us down the Uintah mountains, across alpine lakes, volcanic springs and into red rock country at Arches and Canyonlands National Park.

Be sure to bring an appetite because some of my favorite spots to eat happen to be along this corridor.

Asheville & The Great smokey mountains


Having spent my early life out west, I assumed North Carolina was just some dinky little hills with nothing to see.

But how wrong I was. Wow, I’ve never been so wrong. They call this place 'Gods Country' but its so much more than that.

What I stumbled upon turned out to be a place with the highest concentration of waterfalls in the world, the oldest mountain range on our planet. and holy shit the best BBQ I've ever had.

I found harmony in the mountain sounds. I found the solitude staring across the rolling sea of green. I found my sense of adventure, my childlike wonder, I even found love.

I found myself in those hills, and I promise, you will too.

We’ll kick off our trip in Asheville, NC. Then hop on the blue ridge parkway to explore the neighboring forests and for all the waterfalls we can along the way.

Lake Como & Northern Italy

3 days 3 nights

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I’ve been sitting at my desk for hours trying to write this little paragraph, I’m usually so good with this stuff, the little anecdotes and analogies, but with Italy, I just cant.

The more I struggle, the more I remember this was the exact way I felt when I visited. Wide eyed, out of breath and above all, speechless.

I couldn’t find the words then and I and I sure as hell can’t now. Because nothing I could say would ever do this place justice.

It’s not just me Either. Over millennia, so have tried to pay homage to Italy’s brilliance and the light it shines into our hearts. Shakespearean plays, Sonnets and even wars fought over thousands of years on to claim the land. All attempts to capture the magic of this place, none quite coming close.

This is undeniably the most beautiful and charismatic place I have ever, ever been. And even as I write this now. I know that it these words dont do it justice, maybe nothing ever will.

We’ll kick off our Journey in Milan and drive north into the Foothills of the Italian alps. Explore the towns and then head up the mountains for a taste of the planets most striking mountain range.

Yosemite, CA

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Yosemite is a fairy tale, and I mean that literally.

Every step you take you’ll find yourself coming across streams dotted with woodland critters.

Or forests with ‘just right’ sunlight pouring through the trees.

Theres even mile high mountains pouring waterfalls that project rainbows across the sky.

Everything here is plucked out of a a story. And maybe thats why shooting here is such a dream. It’s almost as if any narrative we craft, it somehow telling itself.

Kicking it off in San Fransisco we’ll take a road trip into the Sierras and into Yosemite. The park itself is much bigger than just the main valley so if you haven’t explored the rims this is a perfect trip. Theres some absolute gems outside of the tourist zones.

White Sands national monument


Like a real life Salvador Dali painting. White sands is a monument to minimalism during the day.

But something unusual happens around sunset, when the sky turns orange and all the sudden, the sea of pearl white ignites with color. Its a natural mirror to the sky and it feels like you’re in a dream.

It gets better too, when the moon comes out its like round two. A whole other world emerges before your eyes as the light bounces off the bright sand and illuminates everything around you.

Luckily this is one of the few parks where you’re allowed to camp right on the dunes which will let us get lost in this gypsum dream without ever having to leave.

We’ll kick it off our trip in El, Paso and dive into some Chile verde before exploring these dunes.

Okay wait a second, just bear with me here.

You’re probably thinking, “Chris, you cant give me Italy and the land of waterfalls at me and then just expect me to pick florida"

I thought the exact same thing, But after a few visits I ended up packing my bags, leaving hawaii and moving here. The beauty is one thing, but the suprise of beauty is something else entirely.

It's a land of hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. And maybe thats the real joy of exploration, going somewhere that isn't on everyone elses top 10 list and discovering a corner of the world thats actually your own.

We'll start or adventure in Tampa bay and explore the Gulf's white sand beaches before heading into spring country for the bluest water I've ever seen.

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—— Frequently Asked Questions ——

if it isn’t here, feel free to drop me a line in the form.

I’m not a model, I don’t look anything like these girls and whenever someone takes my picture I never know where to put my hands.

Am I right for this?

Absolutely, my background isn’t in photographing models, it’s in regular people. People who might not know their angles yet, or where to put those hands. People who above all, just want to create something beautiful and have be part of the experience.

We’ll spend a lot of our first day together working to develop our photogenic toolkit that goes beyond tips and tricks.

We’ll go over a lot including projecting confidence in camera and create moods with body language. Stuff you’ll keep with you for the rest of your life.

Pretty much, If you’re willing to be goofy, run around, get dirty and probably fall over a bunch in the pursuit of art then this is perfect for you.

IMG_1507 copy.JPG

Your photos often involve nudity, I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that myself. Is this expected of me?

No, Absolutely not.

While It’s something I shoot, Nudity in no way defines my work or the experience itself. The key to these adventures is exploring comfort zones in your own way.

If you’re interested in recreating the minimalist aesthetic of nudity without actually getting naked. I highly recommend picking up a nude bodysuit or leotard. They’re great for any idea that demands body shape without sacrificing modesty.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 3.06.34 AM.png

Can I bring a friend?


How many people will you shoot?

Yes! Absolutely, the more the merrier. Bring the whole gang and make a trip out of it.

Of course keep in mind if theres a limit on accommodation space and food they’ll want to take care of that themselves.

The photography itself is perfect for individuals, couples and small families. Unless this turns into a 30 person wedding where I have to start hiring assistants the price will always be the same and you’ve got me 100%


How does all the money / contract stuff work?

Luckily it’s pretty simple.

I use a standard photographers agreement. This ensures my responsibilities to you and vice versa. It also provides my management with the proper documentation to insure my business, accurately do my taxes and other fun stuff.

Payment is split up into 3 equal installments. One deposit due on signing and two final payments leading up to the shoot.

It’s important to note that any deposits made are non refundable. These go towards operating costs and holding the date and cannot be recovered in the event you are unable to participate in the shoot.

story samples jungle-2 copy.JPG

How do transportation and accommodations work?

It’s super simple. You’re responsible for getting to and meeting me in our origin city. (Denver, Asheville) etc. Once you’re there I’ll take care of the rest.

For transport, I’ll rent a car for the duration of our trip and pick you up!

And for accommodations. My general rule is: get as close to the pretty stuff as possible so we can wake up early and explore. This usually means camping. I have everything we need to comfortably tent it so you’re not required to pack that kinda stuff.

I’ll cover food too. If you have any dietary restrictions let me know cause I can totally make sure you’re eating well and within any boundaries you need to stay in.

In the event you want to get luxurious we can absolutely discuss fancy hotel options as well.


How many pictures will I get?

I know it’s a vague answer but it really just depends.

Some photos take longer setups, prop building, safety rigging and long hikes. While others can be done quickly on the side of the road.

I like to separate my photos into two categories. Centerpieces and fun shots.

Centerpieces are usually the exact reason we go somewhere or build a specific prop. They take extensive time to setup, produce and edit. Because of this, we’ll be limited to how many of these we shoot.

Fun shots on the other hand are the result ot me taking my camera everywhere and just photographing every random thing I like. Theres a bunch of these every day.

Some are surprising and others are just plain goofy. Either way, they’re always the best way to look back and reminisce on the experience itself.

What do I wear?

You’ll want to pack with with two goals In mind.

  1. The adventures themselves involve a lot of time outdoors. Hiking, swimming, general wilderness exploration and such. Bring a warm coat, shorts / leggings, swimwear, shoes you can hike in and anything else you need to survive nature.

  2. The shoot outfits are a little different. My style evolves over time and so does my taste in clothes. Luckily I keep an updated Pintrest board with all my favorite Inspo on what to wear.

    You can can find the pin board here.