If you're just looking for some quick pics and a fancy camera, we might not be the best fit. 

If you're shopping around the cheapest deal, you might not value what I have to offer. 

I'm all about the journey -- the little adventures and in-between moments. We'll get a bit muddy and a bit wet, probably fall over a few times. After all, it's a quest to capture a deeper part of ourselves.

I love knowing what fuels you creativity. What inspires you in the world. Music, photography, even your own personal experiences. It’s not just how you want the photos to look. But how they feel. 

This also helps me make sure you’re somewhat prepared for what my shoots consist of. This is because they’re incredibly physically and emotionally intensive experiences. The adrenaline rush from dangling from a cliff or being a minute in to an intensive backbend has brought people to tears. 

Once you feel emotionally committed to creating beauty and art. Then fill out the form below and lets get in touch!


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