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Group Workshops


Group Workshops

Everything I know about photography in a 2 day workshop

This workshop was built to help you utilize the tools you'll need to produce high-caliber images that keep your viewers guessing and your clients coming back for more. 

Built for All skill levels.
For years I've honed my approachable method of teaching. Im incredibly proud of my ability help others retain and internalize information and I can't wait to share it with you guys. 
We'll spend 2 days and 2 nights practicing, learning and camping under the stars. Exploring deep theories and techniques by breaking them down in practical applications. 
Limited to 8 people to keep the experience intimate and engaging. 


When & where?

Moab, UT -  June 15-17. 

Nestled in the heart of Utah, Moab sits between some of the most magnificent national parks in the world.

We'll be staying in the devils Garden campground inside Arches national park, or along the Colorado river just east of Moab. these campsites can easily accommodate our group and a few cars.

Getting there:

 Fly into Salt lake city (SLC) and drive to Moab. (about 4 hours)

Or fly direct into Moab (CNY). I love this one cause the flights only $120 from salt lake, and you get to sit in one of those fancy private jets.

3 Seats left.


Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

September 7-9

This place is beyond words. An emerald gem at the foothills of the Swiss alps Alps. I cannot describe how excited I am to come here.

Getting to the Valley is pretty easy. Its either a 2 hour drive from Geneva or you can do the train to Tenero.

Instead of camping ill be getting us an Airbnb for the entire group. 


7 seats left


Yosemite, CA

July 14-16

We'll be staying at the epic lower pines campground inside Yosemite valley. Theres a great group site right in the middle of the campground which can accommodate our group as well as up to 5 cars with overflow lots nearby.

Getting there:

Fly into San Francisco (SFO) (SJC) and drive. Thats about 4 hours.


 Fly into Yosemite (MMH) which puts you about 30 minutes outside the park. United flies into MMH for about $150 from major cities. 

1 seat left


I've developed a loose curriculum to give us plenty of freedom but also a little structure.

I've developed a loose curriculum to give us plenty of freedom but also a little structure.

step  1

Understanding the theory


  • Understanding the psycology behind what creates a strong image.
  • Developing an artistic toolkit.
  • Using surrealist compositions to keep our viewers eye engaged.

Pretty much all the basics to get you in the right mindset to learn and create

step 2

Mastering the shoot

The shoot is on,

We'll work on our hands on skills under pressure of a real shoot. 

  • Communication
  • Directing body language under physical stress
  • Helping your subjects see what you see
  • Keeping models comfortable in a physically intensive scenario.

You'll learn the skills you'll need to handle the physical and creative challenges associated with one of my shoots. All while keeping your subjects upbeat, engaged and injury-free.

step 3

Post production & the money side of things.

We'll spend our time editing photos and discussing advanced artistsic concepts such as:

  • Understanding and finding the right light.
  • Color theory
  • Psycho-emotional tonal mapping

Pretty much any edit questions you have I'm here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Whats a typical day like? Are we gonna be stuck inside the whole time?

Not at all! The best classroom is the one right outside.  

Just like being back in school, the most important part of the day was recess. Getting to play while you learn helps you internalize information and can teach us so much more than sitting in the classroom does.

We'll spend our day exploring, shooting and learning on the go. Working with real world examples of theories go further than any powerpoint ever could.


How do I pay and is there a deposit?

Once you fill out that form above everything is taken care of within my booking service (honeybook) Contracts, payments and anything you need to know. Its super easy.

In terms of payment schedule I use a 50/50 split. Half on signing and the other half 90 days before the workshop.




How do I know you won't just take my money and run?

To ensure peace of mind for both of us I use a standard workshop attendee contract.

It outlines my responsibilities to you and vice versa. Making sure we all know what to expect from our time together. It also covers how we can alleviate any issues that might arise (like a freak hurricane in Utah?)


What do I bring?

Your camera is the only thing you absolutely need. However, I would also recommend, computer for editing, You'll want Adobe's CC lightroom/photoshop bundle installed.

 Pretty much anything you'd need for a national park visit. Tent, sleeping bag, water etc. I rent these from local outdoor retailers wherever I go. 

You're providing some food? What kind of diet options will there be?

Thats right. Ill be bringing along coolers worth of snacks and goodies for the grill. Nothing crazy so if you have any specific you want I would bring it with you.


Can I bring a friend to enjoy these places with?

Absolutely yes! 

However, During any instruction or group activity we'll want to keep our group to core attendees as to maintain a low profile and not draw attention in the national park.