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Levitation Academy


Levitation Academy

Everything I know about levitation photography in a 1 day workshop.

This isn't some two-bit photoshop tutorial. This is a hands-on, comprehensive, one-on-one workshop. You'll get all the tools to produce high-caliber levitation images that keep your viewers guessing and your clients coming back for more. 

Everythings covered -- finding inspiration, shooting, editing, model interaction and even up-selling clients on a single photograph.  

Levitation has quickly become favorite type of photography due to its mix of brutal physical intensity and creative problem solving. However, without the proper knowledge it can overwhelm even the most seasoned photographers.

We've all been there before. 

"Yeah, this levitation stuff looks easy. You just take 2 pics and blend in photoshop right?".  

We give it a shot, and sure enough, in post production we're pulling out our hair wondering why we're ending up with stiff posed, copy-paste looking photos.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

This workshop goes beyond the outdated 2 photo blend method. We'll deconstruct the theory and techniques behind what makes a killer levitation shot. Then we'll put it all into practice to add a dash of surreal to any photoshoot.

Instead of opting for a "one size fits all" video. These are personal online and face-to-face workshops that keeps you and your art always in focus.

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And if you're in the U.S., I'll fly to you.

Thats right, Book the in person workshop and I'll travel to meet you anywhere in the continental United States.

Grab up to 2 friends for an adventure. We'll explore the forests, the coast, state and national parks and all the little bits in between. I'll supply tools, props and even models to make sure we have everything we need to create groundbreaking conceptual images in your own backyard.

 You'll finish with a profound understanding of levitation photography and the creative building blocks to completely change the game, inspire others, and put yourself in demand for clients around the world.



Heres the plan

Heres the plan

step  1

Understanding the theory

Before the camera comes into play, We'll start with the basics.

  • Understanding the phycology behind the shot.
  • Why levitation photos have such a strong visual appeal.
  • How we can use surrealist composition to keep our viewers eye engaged.

Then we'll cover outfits, props, safety measures, what to look for when posing, and all the basic do's and dont's.  When the shoot comes, you can hit the ground running.

step 2

Mastering the shoot

The shoot is on, its your time to shine.

We'll work on our hands on skills under pressure of a real shoot. 

  • Communication
  • Directing body language under physical stress
  • Helping your subjects see what you see
  • Keeping models comfortable in a physically intensive scenario.

You'll learn the skills you'll need to handle the physical and creative challenges associated with a levitation shoot. All while keeping your clients upbeat, engaged and injury-free.

step 3

Post production & the money side of things.

Now the magic happens.

We'll spend our time editing photos and discussing advanced artistsic concepts such as:

  • Understanding and finding the right light.
  • Color theory
  • Psycho-emotional tonal mapping
  • Advanced layer blending techniques 

We'll also do a big Q&A on the business side of things.  

Interested? Let me know! fill out that form below.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Whats a typical day like? Are we gonna be stuck inside the whole time?

Not at all! The best classroom is the one right outside.  

Just like being back in school, the most important part of the day was recess. Getting to play while you learn helps you internalize information and can teach us so much more than sitting in the classroom does.

We'll spend our day exploring, shooting and learning on the go. Working with real world examples of theories go further than any powerpoint ever could. And once we're tuckered out we'll dig in for some more structured lessons.


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I've heard a lot of photographers/artists make for terrible instructors. So what makes you think you're qualified to teach me?

Thats actually a super good question. Some photographers are total bores and others are so up their own butts you can't even hear the nonsense come out of their mouths. 

I got my photographic start right here in Hawaii. Years ago I was hired at company called Oahu Photography Tours

For three years I've honed my personable, approachable method of teaching. Im incredibly proud of my ability to help others retain and internalize information and I can't wait for you guys to experience it.

We're the 2nd highest rated tour in the entire state and if you don't believe me, check out our reviews here.

How do I know you won't just take my money and run?

To ensure peace of mind for both of us I use a standard workshop attendee contract.

It outlines my responsibilities to you and vice versa. Making sure we all know what to expect from our time together. It also covers how we can alleviate any issues that might arise (like a freak hurricane in Utah?)


You were a bit vague on the locations for the in-person workshop. Something about a national park?

 Depending on the season,where you're located, and a few other factors, we'll work together to decide the best places to go.


What do I bring?

Your camera for sure

But also your computer for editing, You'll need Adobe's CC lightroom/photoshop bundle installed.

 Pretty much anything you'd need for a national park visit. 

And remember, up to two friends!


 When can we start?

As soon as you're ready.

Send me a message below and lets get the ball rolling.