Just the presets


Just the presets

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Please note. 

This purchase is only for the living Lightroom presets. dropbox folder

This does not include the tutorials showing you how to use these best included in the Color theory Bundle

If you choose to buy the tutorials you'll have to pick up the bundle.


Why are they named this particular way?

While you're free to use the presets however you like. I use more  them more as "solutions" Built to handle specific environments and lighting conditions. If you want to mimic my looks, you'll want to do the same.

The presets are labeled as such to keep my look consistent and speed up my workflow.

They go just like this:

Dominant image color + type of light source > Desired effect

For instance, If I were to be photographing backlit during a sunset, and wanted to create pastel orange tones I would use

"Sunset +  faded backlit > Pastel orange"