Part retreat, part workshop, one unforgettable experience


whats included?

Just get your flights and meals. We’ll take care of the rest!

  • Food

    We’ll be stocking a fridge with a bunch of snacks to keep us happy while we’re there. You’ll want to cover anything you eat out at restaurants though.

  • Lodging

    We’ll be renting a villa In Flagstaff AZ. One large enough not only to sleep the entire group, but to give us space to edit, play and give our adventures a home base.

  • Adventures

    When we take outings as a group, We’ve got you guys covered. Everything from boat trips to entry to the national park.

  • Local transportation

    We’ll take care of getting everyone around comfortably. As well as picking people up from Flagstaff airport (FLG). However, if you fly into Phoenix AZ, You’ll need to get yourself to Flagstaff.

The most under-represented perspective in portrait photography is that of the model. As a community we’ve developed the bad habit of assuming the photographer is the only source of creative direction. This ends now.

So for this retreat, we’re joined by a powerhouse of knowledge. Natasha

Articulate and experienced, she’ll be our guide to understanding the perspective of a subject. Providing insights we as photographers have only dreamt of.


What will i learn?

I like to create a well rounded guide to forging your own path into portrait and lifestyle photography. We’ll be covering A TON of stuff but heres an idea of what we’ll be focusing on during the workshop.

  • Portrait / Adventure photography

  • Challenges of Indoor & outdoor lighting

  • Minimalistic editing / Composites

  • Working with professional models to everyday people

  • Generating passive & active income from photography

  • Subject communication

  • Theme building

  • Location scouting

  • Time management as an artist

  • Maintaining mental health in a social media world


What kind of adventures will we be having?

This depends on a few things. Mostly group size and combined physical ability. However, since we’re in the southwest in summer. Expect to be able to spend timing hiking, exploring and swimming around. Maybe even some time on a boat!

What should I pack?

You’ll want to pack with two goals in mind. Photography & outdoor adventure. This means as much camera gear you feel comfortable bringing, your computer to edit, Hiking gear and warm weather clothes and swimwear too.

How do I pay and is there a deposit?

I take a $500 deposit to secure your spot with the rest of the fee due 30 days before the workshop. And we’re happy to offer a few different methods of payment!

  1. Paypal / Venmo: Paying with either one of these comes with a 1% discount

  2. Cash: 3% discount

  3. Otherwise, my booking service “Honeybook” has a secure payment system. You’ll be able to access this as soon as you fill out the form above.

When do I need to arrive / leave?

While you’re more than welcome to be in thee area before / after the workshop. We’ll only have access to the Airbnb on the exact days of the workshop.