Beyond Workflow

This will be my everything. A start to finish tutorial on achieving creative and financial success as a professional artist.

Chapter 1 - Creative Drive

Chapter 2 - Planning a shoot

Chapter 3 - On location

Chapter 4 - Post processing

Chapter 5 - Money

Chapter 6 - Personal development

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Levitation tutorial

Levitation has been and always will be my favorite type of photography. It combines real world practical techniques and photoshop compositing into something truly unique and beautiful

This tutorial covers everything you need to get started creating mind bending images that will keep your viewers guessing and coming back for more.


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Color theory & Lightroom presets

I’ve always believed that being a successfully recognizable artist comes down to mastering the three visual signatures. Light, Composition and Color.

This tutorial is an in depth look into the latter of these signatures. Covering everything from understanding harmonies, crafting a color signature of your own and most importunely answering the questions other tutorials don’t.


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